Custom pillows to match any color palette

Last week we were asked to help a customer create custom pillows to complement her new couch. Let me set the scene… The living room is decorated with rich swatches of red, olive green, and purple. The new couch will be finished with red upholstery. After thumbing through our fabric options, we decided on two decorative pillows designed with a green silk middle edged in purple velvet. These custom projects bring out all our creative sides and are very exciting for us. We’ll make sure to post pictures of this project when it’s done!

Here is some more info on the no extra charge custom pillows options available at Sabun Home. We have many beautiful color and fabric catalogs for you to view and feel. My favorite part is getting the chance to talk to you personally, getting to know you, and what is your overall vision for your home. Then we just come up with some ideas together. Often, the ideas just flow out. Once we pick the design, you tell us what size pillows you want (we have no restrictions on dimensions since they’re all custom made anyway) and we can start the sewing. We work exclusively with a seamstress in Turkey. She owns a small business and does most of the work out of her home, and her talented hands result in great products for our customers. My mom, who lives in Turkey also (it is a family affair), buys the fabrics and coordinates the work.


Most importantly, lots of love, effort, and thought go into the process of getting each and every project done. Our goal is to build a relationship with every client and to understand their custom needs. Even if it’s something that we never tried before, we love the opportunity to prove that we can meet the challenge. After all, building the relationships you can’t find at a big-box store is the reason we went into this business in the first place!

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