Wallpaper is the hot trend of 2015

This is not your mother's wallpaper!

The new and improved wallpaper of today is what's hot for 2015. Advances in manufacturing and printing in the past decade have resulted in seemingly endless consumer choices for rich colors, bold designs, and easy application. And it is not just paper anymore, with styles available featuring metal and glass. 

Images from Thibaut

How to use wallpaper in your home

  • Use large scale prints sparingly in a small room. Consider featuring your prints on a single feature wall, or behind a large piece of furniture for an effect that pops but not overwhelms.

  • Choose a small selection of colors to create a coordinated look. Use two to three room colors that accentuate your wallpaper and use these colors throughout the room.

  • Use wallpaper with a metallic or pearlised finish to reflect light in an otherwise gloomy room.

  • Textured wallpaper is a great way to disguise walls or ceilings that aren’t smooth.

  • Dark colours tend to make the room look smaller, whereas lighter colours make it look larger.

  • Colors and patterns change the way we perceive a room. Dark colors tend to make a room smaller, while light colors tend to make rooms appear larger. And stripes on a wall can help to make the ceiling look higher.

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