Aquiesse Candles

Our newest addition of all natural soy candles consists of six exquisite scents in beautiful sepia-toned glass jars. These candles are sure to become a household staple; once you get your hands on one scent, you will want them all! These candles are especially fantastic because they are made from organic soybean oil and lead-free wicks, which is more environmentally friendly, and burns longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin candles.

We offer Aquiesse candles (and oil diffusers!) in six fragrances:

Luxe Linen: This candle takes the ever-so-familiar fresh laundry smell and makes a luxuriously rich candle scent. As it burns, the aroma fills the air, leaving your home smelling so fresh and clean.

Boardwalk: Fill your home with the delicious smell of vanilla with the Boardwalk candle. This sweet-smelling scent is perfectly balanced and not overpowering. The vanilla scent is sweet and inviting, and it warms any room. We really enjoy this candle, and we think you will too, whether it is a gift for yourself or a friend.

Lavender Chaparral: We absolutely love the smell of lavender! The fragrance is sweet and also very calming. Our staff member Abby likes to burn this candle at nighttime while relaxing after a long day of class and work. A fantastic scent and with the added therapeutic properties of lavender, what’s better than that?!

Moonlit Petals: This candle celebrates the beginning of spring with the sweet smell of flowers! This floral-scented candle is perfect for the upcoming warm, sunny weather. This is the perfect candle for spring and summer; a must have. It presents a floral scent without being too heavy or overpowering. The floral fragrance is the perfect way to get into the warm weather mood.

Mandarin Tea: Mandarin Tea is the perfect harmony of clean and citrus in one fabulous scent. The notes of citrus make the candle smell delicious, and the lightness and freshness of this candle make it perfect for the upcoming summer months.

French Oak Currant: This candle blends the delicious smell of rich oak with the sweet fragrance of currants. The smell is earthy and enticing while still maintaining the integrity of the respective ingredients. We think this candle is great for anyone, any occasion, and any time of the year.

Each scent is offered in a variety of styles, including 5oz candles ($24.00), 11oz candles ($38.00), and reed diffusers ($46.00). Aquiesse candles and oil diffusers are the perfect gift for you or your friends. Come sample each item at our Georgetown boutique or indulge online at